It's really great knowing when we have helped our clients and put them in a better position for the future. If there is some one that you care about that you think would benefit from our advice, we’d love to know about them. Initial meetings are at no cost and completely obligation free.

At Brisbane Financial solutions, we’ve been helping individuals, families and small business people achieve their wealth and lifestyle goals for over 45 years.

We know that there are a lot of people out there who are uncertain about their financial direction and are reluctant to take that first step to advice. We are passionate about helping your friends, family or colleagues who might find themselves in this situation and always make sure that we look at their entire financial life. Potential clients that we would love to help include…

  • Young families wanting to secure their kids’ future and build wealth
  • People who are nearing retirement and worried about building their nest-egg
  • Professionals that need security around their income, assets and debt
  • Small business people needing planning advice between partners and owners
  • Individuals, couples and families that want to be debt free and focus on lifestyle
  • Retirees who want to get the best out of their retirement savings and any pension entitlements
  • Older Australians facing the challenge of moving to Aged Care

At Brisbane Financial Solutions, we believe that people are more comfortable meeting with an adviser that has been referred by a trusted family member or friend that have had a great experience themselves.

Our referral policy is:

  • Anyone referred to us is treated on a no obligation basis. An initial introductory meeting with one of our financial advisers is offered at our cost
  • We are always happy to meet with anyone you refer and will let them know how we can help them
  • BFS offers complete confidentiality with all existing and potential clients. We will not discuss anyone’s personal situation with another client
  • We will always contact referring clients and let you know as to whether we were able to help the person you referred

An initial referral to BFS can be done in person, by telephone or e-mail or by simply providing our details to someone you care about.

For more information about us, including areas we specialise in, please download our Financial Services and Credit Guide/Financial Services Guide